Devastating rains in Kenya, 2018

Rainbow at Baringo Lake

Devastating seasonal rains in Kenya have been reported to have displaced nearly 300,000 people and killed 158. Other countries in the region such as Rwanda and Somalia have also been seriously affected.

Trends in weather extremes

Photo by Grillot edouard on Unsplash

Twenty years ago, the trend in annual mean global mean temperature became detectable. Ten years ago, robust regional seasonal mean temperature trends similarly started to emerge. Nowadays, we can see trends even in weather extremes.

28 February, 2018 | News |

2015 – a record breaking hot year

Hot dry, field Photo by Brandon Weekes on Unsplash

With colleagues at the University of Reading, we performed a simple analysis to assess what factors played a role in this record heat, specifically the roles of greenhouse gas emissions associated with global warming, the natural climate oscillation known as El Niño, as well as solar activity and volcanic aerosols.